QRPp Presentation

ArkieCon - 2003

This presentation was made on April 5, 2003, at the ArkieCon QRP forum in Fort Smith, Arkansas by Don L. Jackson, AE5K. You may view this presentation in HTML format or if you wish, you may download/view in its original PowerPoint97 format.

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Copyright 2003 by Don L. Jackson, AE5K. Permission is granted for non-commercial use, including alteration to fit your own presentation, provided credit is given to original author. I would appreciate an email message telling of its use.

Note: a PowerPoint viewer if available for downloading free from Microsoft website if you do not have PowerPoint on your computer and wish to view the 8 MB downloaded file. Also, the presentation will work fine when viewed by the free Open Office Impress which I highly recommend.

An email message giving comments or just letting me know that you watched the presentation is always appreciated and will ultimately determine how long this presentation stays on the website.

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