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Video Tutorials on PSK31

These videos on YouTube were produced by Randy, K7AGE, for the beginner in PSK31 operation

Receiving PSK31

How to set up your computer to receive PSK31 signals.

Sample of 20 meter activity for PSK31 introduction video

Play this video and receive PSK31 on your computer using Digipan. This was recorded at around 19:00 UTC Aug 11 2007.

Soundcard Interfacing

A look at homebrew and commercial soundcard interfaces for PSK31, RTTY, SSTV and other digital modes.

PSK31 Transmitter Level Adjustment

Here's how to adjust the transmit audio drive level for PSK31 with minimum distortion.

Reference URL for QuickMix:

PSK31 - Operating


You can view a lot more videos done by Randy, K7AGE, at this link:

Latest video on the January 2008 7 MHz Moonbounce tests: